Thursday, October 30, 2008

Myspace look alikes

Now this has been going on for some time now but I have recently received an email saying "Sick of Myspace?" check it out and it linked me to this new social network here...
Why would you sign up on a new social network with three pages of people (24) when the majority of your school uses Myspace. And the worst part is it looks just like Myspace but a rip off version. Whats new just somebody trying to get fame like Tom.

Just thought I would make an update!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

November Elections Coming

So the new presidential election is swiftly coming around the corner and the question is who do you want to win and why? There has been a bit of last minute campaigning going on such as Obamas 30 minute commercial air you can follow that story up here..
I myself was rooting for my girl Hilary Clinton but sadly she dropped from the race I myself am now stuck with either Obama or McCain and all I have to say is no way no how no McCain.

Just thought I would make this post sense the presidential election is coming Thursday and Friday I am going to watch some lengthy clips about the pros and cons on Obama and McCain.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My 10 Security Expert Rehabilitation

Over at RSnake made a blog post about common mistakes the average or novice computer users does. You can find his post if you click on the ('') link now here is my top 10 feel free to add your own in my blog comments.

1. Social Networks:
Now most of the users now days in the security feild are usually around the ages of 14-19 so im sure most of them have some sort of social networking accounts such as Myspace,Bebo,Facebook so forth and so on. But these social accounts can be a breeding ground for attackers do not fill in each feild accuritly such as.

Address: my address
fullname: here , here
dob: here
phone number: here

Thanks for handing out the information the attacker will think now if you do post information make sure to make your account private.

Do not share your passwords with your friends or jot it down on a sticky note and post it some were. But if you are forgetful the write your password down in a journal of some sort were you won't loss it and you know nobody will see it. Also make sure to use different passwords for different things you do not want to use the same password for everything.

Let's say your putting some old laptop you used years ago or an old desktop make sure to remove and clean up everything before you sell the hardware. You do not want other people viewing your information so clean it up!

When receiving emails from unknown users do not every put any sort of information in such as your

-credit card information
-phone number

Banks or other related websites do not request that sort of information over an email address also watch out for attackments. Just because your family or friends do not email you and you get an email address out of the blue do not fill everything out and start to download random sh..t.

5.Important Information:
Throwing away things like credit reports,email account information etc etc. Do not just throw it away because people do go threw your garbage im not saying every where but in some parts they do. A good example of this is in this video by the Tiger Team check it out its on youtube link... episode one part one here...

6.P2P Sharing:
When installing this software make sure to disable the folder sharing you do not want to get caught up just because you didn't check some boxes.

If you do take pictures of let's say your car (Ive seen many people taking pictures with there license plate number on the back) make sure to blur or cross out those things like I said before why hand people information. You may think your just a normal user and nobody will think about attacking you your wrong just do the following and you will be safe.

8.Wifi Box:
For your wireless internet make sure to put a password on it so random users cannot access your internet.

Look at the url before entering sensitive information because phishing is a growing thing

10.Spank me:
hard! :-)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

ClickJacking taking out the browsers

Now when the Google chrome browser came out it was a hit schools were switching there browsers from Internet Explore to the Chrome browser. Now sense clickjacking is the new browser exploit floating around it seems FireFox ('plus the noscript add-on') is the only
thing to use.

More information about click jacking can be found here.. here.. here.. and here..

Now sense there has been alot of debating and meetings about the subject at hand people have been dumping there browsers and going onto Fire Fox if there not already using it. So check those links out and learn about the new clickjacking exploit going around and how to secure yourself from it. Sense there is alot of blogs already blogging about clickjacking I doubt I will make my own post about the subject. But if I do it will be very informatable but will see if I do conceder about writing one up. The two browsers that seem secure enough to me is the Opera browser and the we'll known FireFox browser.

Download the noscript firefox add-on here..

Script Kiddie

gnucitizen Has recently blogged about the term "script kiddie" pdp giving his ideal about what a script kidding is and now I will give mine.

My thoughts on what a script kiddie is somebody that uses tools,exploits,software and they have no idea how it works. They mainly use exploits just to deface websites or exploit somebody then brag to there friends about doing it.
Skiddies also watch the known website looking for the newest and latest exploits, now the turkish hacking community is known for going to milw0rm getting the latest exploit Google Dorking and then defacing every website they can get in.

Its your choice weather or not to grow out of that skiddie state and start to learn how the exploits work what the codes about and if you can improve or make your own.


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